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MessageSujet: Wiki - Ushiromiya Battler   Dim 7 Aoû - 14:58

Vu que le Wiki a été supprimé ou simplement suspendu je récupère les informations que je peux et les postes ici, si on pouvait m'aider à tout récupérer ça serait top !

Ability :

Citation :
Gradually restores your health for a brief period of time. Simple and goes well with the other abilities.

Coups Normaux :

Citation :
Battler punches with a straight jab. Whiffs on crouch. Hits mid.
Damage: 54

Battler punches the opponent in the gut. Hits mid.
Damage: 69

Battler crouches and punches with a cross straight. Hits mid.
Damage: 54

Battler performs a roundhouse kick. Hits mid.
Damage: 135

Battler performs a high kick. Hits mid.
Damage: 150

Battler performs a reverse roundhouse kick. Hits mid.
Damage: 150

A simple low kick. Hits low.
Damage: 150

Same as 2B except Battler slides forward. Hits low.
Damage: 150

Battler punches with a hook. Hits mid.
Damage: 240

Battler punches with an uppercut. Hits mid.
Damage: 270

Battler uses his jacket to beat down his opponent. Knocks down. Hits overhead.
Damage: 300

Battler performs a reverse low kick. Knocks down. Hits low.
Damage: 210

Battler performs a midair chop. Hits high.
Damage: 60

A midair elbow drop. Hits high.
Damage: 60

Battler does a straight kick in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 150

Battler punches with a cross straight in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 150

Battler uses his tie to beat down the opponent. Hits high.
Damage: 252

Battler does a midair axe kick. Hits high.
Damage: 252

Battler swings his hands down like a hammer. Knocks down. Hits high.
Damage: 240

Battler holds the opponent up by the collar and punches them in the face. Opponents can air tech.

Coups Spéciaux :

Citation :
Blue Truth 「青き真実」 ― 236ABC
Battler shoots a blue projectile a short distance forward. All versions are identical other than the distance the projectile travels and startup time. Hits mid. 300 damage.

Blue Blow 「青き一撃」 ― 623ABC
Battler does an upwards diagonal strike. Anti-air. A, B, and C versions are identical. A and B versions whiff on crouchers. Hits mid. 360 damage.

Sommelier Finger 「ソムリエフィンガー」 ― 214ABC
Battler charges forward and knocks the opponent upwards with his palms. Can penetrate Ronove's Barrier.

(A version) - Shortest charge distance and shorter startup and recovery. Hits mid. 300 damage.
(B version) - Medium charge distance and medium startup and recovery. Hits mid. 330 damage.
(C version) - Longest charge distance and longer startup and recovery. Hits mid. 360 damage.

Blue Raid 「青き急襲」 ― j.214ABC
Battler does a downwards kick in mid-air.

(A version) - Shortest distance and slightly shorter landing recovery. Hits high. 360 damage.
(B version) - Medium distance and medium landing recovery. Hits high. 360 damage.
(C version) - Longest distance and slightly longer landing recovery. Hits high. 360 damage.

Super SP :

Citation :
Sharp Blue Truth 「青き鋭き真実」 ― 236A+B
Battler shoots a blue projectile laser. The distance reaches the full screen. Hits mid. 5 hits for 522 damage.

Absolute Blue Blow 「青き絶対の一撃」 ― 623A+B
Battler does a stronger upwards diagonal strike. Hits mid. 2 hits for 600 damage.

Rapturous Sommelier Time 「満悦のソムリエタイム」 ― 214A+B
Battler charges forward with his palms outstretched. If the opponent is hit they are trapped and repeatedly damaged for a short period of time. Hits mid. 7 hits for 540 damage.

Elegant Blue Raid 「青き優雅なる急襲」 ― j.214A+B
Battler does a downwards kick in mid-air, followed by a high backwards somersault kick. Hits high. First hit does 180 damage; somersault kick does 4 hits for 120 damage each

Super level 2 :

Citation :
Checkmate by Melee Logic 「打撃的推理によるチェックメイト」 ― 236236C
Battler rushes forward and performs an 8-hit melee combo on hit. Does not travel full screen. Knocks down on hit. Hits mid.
Damage: 645

Meta super :

Citation :
All-Piercing Blue Truth 「全てを穿つ青き真実」 ― 641236C
Battler shoots a giant blue laser forwards after a short charge-up time.

Combos :

Citation :
2B > c.5B/6B > c.5C > 2C > 236A+B/214X/623X - 2B through 2C does 780 damage and 4 hits. Total damage and hits vary depending on ender.
2B > c.5B/6B > c.5C > 66 > f.5B > 2B > c.5C > A+B+C > 2147A+B > 632146C - 29 hits, 2008 damage. The timing on the 2147A+B and the 632146C is tricky.
2147A+B(xN) - 11 hits, approximately 1500 damage. (After 4 loops) IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE! Unlike Cable, however, this combo should never, ever be used seriously. The damage isn't worth the meter usage at all, and it only works in the corner. Looks cool though.

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