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 Wiki - Eva Béatrice

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MessageSujet: Wiki - Eva Béatrice   Dim 7 Aoû - 15:22

Vu que le Wiki a été supprimé ou simplement suspendu je récupère les informations que je peux et les postes ici, si on pouvait m'aider à tout récupérer ça serait top !

Ability :

Citation :
Drastically increases your attack power for a while. A simple but effective trait. Damage is increased by approximately 20%

Coups normaux :

Citation :
A tiny kick. Hits mid.

A short poke with the butt of Eva's staff. Hits mid.

Eva knees the opponent in the groin. Hits mid.

Eva swings her staff a circle immediately in front of her. Hits mid.

Eva brings the head of her staff down on her opponent. Dash cancelable. Hits mid.

Eva kicks out with her front leg, pushing her forward. Dash cancelable. Hits mid.

A short range poke with the butt of Eva's staff. Hits mid.

Eva kicks out with her leg, pushing her forward some. Hits low.

Eva sweeps the opponents legs out from under them with her staff. Hits low. Knocks down on hit

Eva uses her staff as a baseball bat to launch the opponent into the air. Hits mid.

Eva pushes off her staff to kick the opponent in the face. If used immediately next to the opponent, it will whiff, but Eva will land on the opponent's other side in a cross up. Eva will not cross-up if the opponent is deep in the corner. Overhead.

A short range poke with the butt of Eva's staff. Hits high.

A short range aerial kick. Hits high.

Eva swings her staff in a downward arc. Hits high.

Eva immediately falls to the ground while stabbing the ground below her with her staff. Hits high.

Eva grabs the opponent by the shoulder, knees them in the groin few times, then sends the opponent flying backwards. Can be air-teched. If you predict that the opponent will air-tech, it can be punished very easily with 214C, regardless of midscreen or corner.

Coups spéciaux :

Citation :
Air Dash 「空中ダッシュ」 ― j.66
Eva can only airdash forward. No backwards air-dashing. Using her airdash after a high jump actually allows her to jump over the entirety of Virgilia's Goat Rush Hour super.

Red Spider's Thread 「赤き蜘蛛の糸」 ― 236ABC
Eva uses her staff to launch a spider web that she uses to drag the opponent towards her. A version has the shortest range, C version the longest range. If it hits, it can combo into 5A for a B&B, otherwise is provides pressure opportunities. All version hit low.

Three Colored Jelly Time 「三色ゼリータイム」 ― 22ABC
(A version) - Eva summons a red jelly immediately in front of her that slowly moves forward. It acts as a wall that pushes the opponent back as the jelly moves forward, possibly to aid in keeping the opponent cornered.
(B version) - Eva summons a yellow jelly slightly in front of her that remains stationary. If placed between her and the opponent, it acts as an unmoving wall, forcing the opponent to jump over it if they wish to approach. If placed after knocking down the opponent, it allows Eva to "corner" opponents outside of the corner, similar to Hisui's 22C chair in Melty Blood.
(C version) - Eva summons a green jelly behind the opponent that slowly moves towards Eva. It acts as a wall that allows Eva to "corner" opponents outside of the corner, similar to Hisui's 22C chair in Melty Blood.

Staff of the One-Winged Eagle 「片翼の鷲の杖」 ― 214ABC
(A version) - Eva takes a step forward, swings her staff in a horizontal arc, then returns to where she was originally. Hits mid.
(B version) - Eva takes a step forward and swings her staff over her head in a vertical arc. Pushes her forward slightly. Large amount of knockback if it hits. Hits mid.
(C version) - Eva pauses for a moment, then takes a step forward, swings her staff over her head in a vertical arc, then returns to where she was. Knocks the opponent down if it hits. Overhead.

Dream of Flying 「空を飛ぶ夢」 ― j.63214ABC
Eva grabs the opponent in mid-air and brings them straight down to slam into the ground.

Super SP :

Citation :
Spider Crush 「蜘蛛潰し」 ― 236A+B
Eva spawns a spider web at about the same place as 236C does. If it lands, she pulls the opponent in and hits them with her staff which forces a wallslam. Hits low. Does 549 damage.

Special Giant Jelly 「スペシャル巨大ゼリー」 ― 22A+B
After a slight delay, Eva summons a giant purple jelly immediately in front of her that knocks down on hit. On block it half fills the opponent's guard meter. Overhead.

Imperial Wrath of the Tyrant 「暴君の逆鱗」 ― 214A+B
Eva swings her staff 4 times, dealing 528 damage. All swings hit mid except the final swing. The final swing is and overhead and forces knockdown.

Be Careful around Iron Railings 「でも鉄柵には気を付けて」 ― j.63214A+B
Eva grabs the opponent out of the air and slams them down onto a pointed, iron railing. Has a much larger reach than the regular version.

Super SP Exclusive :

Citation :
All You Can Eat Chocolate and Rare Cheese 「チョコとレアチーズの食べ放題」 ― 63214A+B
Eva kicks the opponent, stunning them, then buries them under a mountain of chocolate and rare cheese. Acts as a grab.

Super level 2 :

Citation :
Why don't you just drop dead?「ヘソ噛んで死んじゃえヴァ」 ― 236236C
Eva slides forward until she makes contact with the opponent or gets hit and, if the opponent wasn't blocking or was being comboed, initiates a 7 hit automatic combo that deals 645 damage and slams the opponent into the opposite wall on the final hit.

Meta super :

Citation :
Closed Room of Spiderwebs 「蜘蛛の巣の密室」 ― 641236C
Eva encapsulates her opponents in a spider web attached to her staff which she then whips around her head, slamming the opponent into the ground several times dealing 798 damage. Acts as a grab.

Combos :

Citation :
5A>5B>2B>5C>2C>214B - 1059 damage, leave off the 214B if you want to go for 236 spiderweb pressure or 22 jelly wall, but this will only deal 819 damage. 214A does 30 more damage, but does not force knockdown, since it allows the opponent to tech.

5A>5B>2B>5C>214A+B - 1137 damage, 1 SP required

5A>5B>2B>5C>236236C - 1254 damage, 2 SP required

5A>5B>2B>5C>641236C - 1207-1358 damage, meta-world required. Damage is dependent on when in the combo meta-world is activated, due to Eva's Berserk ability.

2A>5B>2B>5C>dash cancel>5B>2B>5C>2C>214B - 1425 damage+forced knockdown. Can be initiated off of j.AB, j.C, or deep j.2C, but the 2A must be omitted after any of those or you will be pushed too far. Alternatively you can metacancel the second 5C into meta super for more damage.

5A>2A>5B>2B>5C>dash cancel>5A>2B>5B>5C>Meta>dash>5A>2B>5B>5C>236236C or 214A+B or 2C 214B or 6426C>stun>jump in j.B>5A>5B>5C>dash cancel>5A>2B>5B>5C>6426C - 3k+ damage

6B>22A+B - 741 damage, 1 SP required

6B>236236C - 843 damage, 2 SP required


U jelly?

One Meter, Eva Guard Break setup:

6B (Blocked) -> 22A -> 22D 6B meaty in the corner can lead to a few situations, the first being a hit or stuffing a jump out which you can follow up with j. 63214D. If it's blocked, you can 22A Jelly into 22D Jelly. 22A will push them in and they will have to hit it once to destroy it. If they hit the 22A jelly, jump over it, or crouch block they will be hit by 22D. If they accept it and block, they will accept about 30% guard bar damage and your potential guard break combo. If they block and it doesn't guard break you can follow up with a 236 web and push them into another block string. If it does break, enjoy any combo you can do with whatever available meter you have as you can simply go through your 22A Jelly. Don't be predictable with your followup unless you want to eat a guard touch. Mixup with 214C overhead,, and 2C low if your red jelly is still out. You could even do an empty jump and fall to 63214D.

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Wiki - Eva Béatrice
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