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Vu que le Wiki a été supprimé ou simplement suspendu je récupère les informations que je peux et les postes ici, si on pouvait m'aider à tout récupérer ça serait top !

Ability :

Citation :
Silent Attack
This will decrease the amount of SP your opponent gains from your attacks.

Coups normaux :

Citation :
Kanon stabs his locus straight at his opponent. Hits mid.
Damage: 36

Kanon swipes his locus at the enemy. Hits mid.
Damage: 42

A crouching horizontal locus swing. Hits mid.
Damage: 42

An angled locus swing. Hits mid.
Damage: 135

An angled locus swing. Hits mid.
Damage: 150

A crouching locus attack that moves Kanon forward. Hits low.
Damage: 150

Another locus swing. Hits mid.
Damage: 240

Yet another locus swing. Hits mid.
Damage: 270

Kanon lunges forward and attacks with his locus. Hits mid.
Damage: 270

Kanon performs a hopping, spinning locus swipe. Knocks down on hit. Hits low.
Damage: 210

Kanon attacks in midair with one knee. Hits high.
Damage: 60

Kanon stabs downward with his locus in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 60

Kanon swings downward with his locus in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 150

Kanon swings horizontally with his locus in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 252

Kanon drops, stopping all other momentum, and attacks below him. Knocks down on hit. Hits high.
Damage: 210

Kanon attacks his opponent with his locus and kicks them into the air.

Coups spéciaux :

Citation :
Triangle Jump 「三角飛び」 ― j.9 against a wall
Kanon jumps off the wall behind him. Useful for escaping corner pressure.

Wolf Jump 「跳狼」 ― 41236ABC
Kanon performs a small, fast leap forward. Distance travelled depends on the version used, with A being the smallest jump and C being the largest. Air normals can be performed after Kanon reaches the peak of the jump.

Water Slice 「水面斬り」 ― 623ABC
The basic dragon punch move. Stronger versions send Kanon further into the air, but do no extra damage.

Shadow Slice 「影斬り」 ― 214ABC
(A version) - Hollow
Kanon dashes forward a short amount, but does nothing. A feint move to confuse an opponent ready for one of the other two versions.
(B version) - Surface
Kanon dashes forward and slashes at the enemy, ending in front of them. Ends in a knockdown.
(C version) - Opposite side
Kanon dashes forward and slashes while continuing past the opponent to end up behind them. Kanon will not end up behind enemy if slash occurs in corner. Ends pressure, but is mostly safe.
Kanon stays quite low to the ground (crouch height) when performing this special. For B and C versions, Kanon still slashes even when enemy is high in the air above Kanon and completely out of slash's range.

Crescent Moon Slice 「三日月斬り」 ― j.236ABC
Kanon sends a small red slash into the air beneath him. B and C versions cause him to stop in the air momentarily before landing. j.B j.236A is possible.

Super SP :

Citation :
Moon Reflection Slice 「水月斬」 ― 623A+B
A super dragon punch, but performs one low hit first. Generally rather mediocre.

Shadow Trisection 「影殺三段」 ― 214A+B
Kanon performs the 214B version of Shadow Slice and follows up with two more slashes. Gives an extra 300 damage above the non-meter version.

Linked Crescent Moons 「連ね三日月」 ― j.236A+B
Kanon sends a large arc diagonally down. This one works as a proper projectile, continuing until it collides or falls off screen, and hits up to four times for 588 damage and knockdown.

Super level 2 :

Citation :
Reddened Moonlit Wolf Shadow 「赤き軌跡の月下狼影」 ― 236236C
Standard Level 2 Super fare, with a charge into an auto combo reminiscent of Arcueid's 214C in Melty Blood.

Meta super :

Citation :
Reddened Arc Moon Slashes 「赤き軌跡の弧月連斬」 ― 641236C
Kanon attempts a slash; if it whiffs or is blocked, he performs three more slow slashes to follow up. If he hits, however, he unleashes a barrage of scarlet swipes before sending the opponent slamming into the opposite wall. Delivers 750 damage, and can be comboed into relatively easy (though 2C sends the opponent into the air in such a way that the super does not connect).

Combos :

Citation :
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 2C > 623C - 6 hits, 1152 damage. Quick and easy.
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 214B - 4 hits, 810 damage. Basic knockdown.
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 66 > c.5B > 2B > c.5C > A+B+C > 66 > c.5B > 2B > c.5C > 2C > 632146C - 25 hits, 2004 damage. Somewhat character specific. Usually stuns after the 632146C, and the Touch Gauge is almost completely refilled by the end of the combo.
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 66 > c.5B > 2B > c.5C > A+B+C > 66 > c.5B > 2B > c.5C > 2C > 632146C > Stun > c.5B > 2B > c.5C > [touch] > f.5B > f.5C > 2C > 214A/B/C/A+B - 33 hits, 2317 damage. Example followup to the above combo using Siesta410.

Blockstrings :

Citation :
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 41236C > j.B > j.C > c.5B > 2B > f.5C > 214C > 2A > 2A > 2A > f.5B > f.5C > Guard Break - Example blockstring leading to a guard break.

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