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MessageSujet: Wiki - Shannon   Dim 7 Aoû - 18:18

Vu que le Wiki a été supprimé ou simplement suspendu je récupère les informations que je peux et les postes ici, si on pouvait m'aider à tout récupérer ça serait top !

Ability :

Citation :
You will automatically block for a period of time. This can help you defend while inputting reversals and even while dashing.
When in effect, a pink magic circle will appear below the player character.

Coups normaux :

Citation :
A girlish slap attack. 2 hits, 86 damage. Can be cancelled halfway through, though most combos require the 2nd hit's superior hitstun. Hits mid.
Combos into: 2A, 5A, 2B, 5B, 2C, 5C

A floor-scrubbing attack. Hits low.
Combos into: 2A, 5A, 2B, 5B, 2C, 5C

A shove attack. Pushes Shannon backwards slightly. Hits mid.
Combos into: 2B, 2C, 5C, f.5C

Attacks with a carpet beater, used whenever Shannon isn't in range for 5B. Hits mid.
Combos into: 2B, f.5C

Gomenasai! A two-hit bow, 180 damage. Both hit high. Cannot chain into other melee attacks.
Combos into: 22ABC.

Another floor-scrubbing attack that scoots Shannon forward roughly 3 character lengths. Given her short crouching hitbox, this lets Shannon safely crawl under most projectiles. Forces knockdown on hit. Hits low.
Combos into: Nothing

Attack by opening an umbrella. Hits mid. Very short-range with strange combo eccentricities, but it does fair damage.
Combos into: 2C, Specials

Attacks with a serving cart. 2 hits, 270 damage. Hits mid. As of 1.02 this normal can be cancelled, but it can only be cancelled on the first hit - regardless of what you cancel into, Shannon lets go of the cart and it continues to chain into its second attack independently, which opens up a variety of situations:
An enemy that attempts to Defense Touch the first hit will fail, consuming meter and being struck by the cart's second attack while allowing Shannon and her ally to continue their assault.
An enemy that starts a Barrier Touch on the first hit (as of 1.02) will succeed in swapping out unless Shannon immediately cancels into a 214 seagull bait, her only move that doesn't immediately hit and trigger the barrier swap.
An enemy that simply blocks the first cart hit allows Shannon to let go and use her 214 move, continuing her pressure.
Combos into: 236, 214AB (range dependent), Promised Lightning, Attack Touch

A clumsy trip that spills cutlery in front of Shannon. Doesn't combo anything, but since the hitbox is in the cutlery, it has a very long range, though poor recovery. Whiffs on crouchers.
Combos into: Nothing.

A low-hitting rug attack. It has two hits, one on the carpet's ascent and one on the descent, but if the ascent scores a hit the descent won't hit. Second hit forces knockdown.
Combos into: Specials
Notes: You must cancel into a special immediately after the first hit is landed, or else the attack will go on to whiff the second hit. It's also important to note that if your enemy is struck by the first hit in the air, you will be unable to combo into anything and may actually be left vulnerable as the hitframes continue into the second attack.

An aerial poke as Shannon struggles to keep her skirts down. Long hitframes but negligible hitstun, almost impossible to combo from. Hits high.

A downwards smack with a serving tray. Hits high.

Shannon does a small twirl with the hitbox around her skirt. Hits high.

Shannon does a forwards flip, slamming her shoes down. The hitbox is around her shoes, but the startup frames are lengthy. Hits high.

A downwards bodyslam. Hitbox lasts until Shannon lands and has a decent, comboable hitstun.

Coups spéciaux :

Citation :
Magic Barrier 「魔法障壁」 ― 236ABC
Conjures a pink octagonal barrier in front of Shannon. Barriers can be shattered by projectiles (consuming them in the process) or by melee hits. The shield will float slowly forwards for roughly 3 seconds before vanishing on its own. Input determines barrier distance.
A: Summons a barrier one character length away from Shannon.
B: Summons a barrier four character lengths away from Shannon.
C: Summons a barrier eight character lengths away from Shannon.

Capture Barrier 「捕縛障壁」 ― 623ABC
Shannon conjures a small burst of magic in front of herself. Enemies that step into the range are grappled in a capture barrier and receive damage as it shatters. Though it appears to be a throw at first glance, it can be blocked.
A: 230 damage, fastest recovery.
B: 270 damage, middling recovery.
C: 300 damage, slowest recovery.

To Feed (the seagulls)「エサやり」 ― 214ABC
Shannon baits a seagull onto the stage with some bread. The seagull causes little damage but covers a wide area, in addition to absorbing projectiles. Only one seagull can be on stage at a time, and this move cannot be input until the old one has left the stage entirely. Depending on where the camera is positioned, this can be a deceptively long time. Input determines how far in front of Shannon the seagull will fly before returning.
A: Shortest distance.
B: Middle distance.
C: Longest distance.

Protective Barrier 「守護障壁」 ― 22ABC
Swiftly conjures a protective barrier. 5 frame startup with some invincibility frames(?), but a very slow recovery. The barrier guards against projectiles while it's active, and touching it will damage enemies. Higher inputs cause more damage but have a longer recovery time.

Super SP :

Citation :
Absolute Barrier 「絶対障壁」 ― 236A+B
Summons a stronger octagon barrier in front of of Shannon. The barrier is larger, lasts longer and moves a larger distance before it vanishes. As the barrier damages the enemy (or otherwise receives hits due to blocking a projectile) it will gradually lose health until it shatters. It can take 5 hits total, for 600 damage if they all land on an enemy. May stun the enemy.

Enhanced Capture Barrier 「強化捕縛障壁」 ― 623A+B
A stronger version of the original capture barrier. 11 hits, 576 damage.

It's Not A Hat?! 「帽子じゃなかった?!」 ― 214A+B
A larger seagull nabs Shannon's hat and charges head-on at an enemy. 5 hits, 540 damage.
While it has limited combo potential, the startup is very fast and the seagull does not vanish when Shannon is hit, so it can be used to preemptively stuff an incoming combo.
The most important feature of this skill is that it causes immense barrier damage - at the beginning of a match this amounts to 75% of the guard meter.

Absolute Protection Barrier 「絶対守護障壁」 ― 22A+B
A larger, more powerful version of the original 22ABC barrier. 8 hits, 660 damage. May stun the enemy. The first few hits (prior to the barrier being raised) hit low.

Super level 2 :

Citation :
You should say "No" in bad situations. 「嫌な時は嫌と言いますね」 ― 236236C
A rush towards the enemy, followed by a slapdown. 15 hits, 647 damage. Blockable and can be interrupted by stray or delayed projectiles (Ange summons and seagulls in particular).

Meta super :

Citation :
Promised Lightning 「契約の落雷」 ― 641236C
Yakusoku wo mamorimashita, Beatrice-sama !
4 hits, 840 damage. May stun the enemy. There is a small window on the enemy's descent where Shannon can whack them with 5A or f.5B.

Combos :

Citation :
5B 2B f.5C - 570 damage
Notes: Don't do this. See below.
2B 5B 5C 236B - 4 hits, 945 damage
Notes: 5B-2B openers place Shannon in f.5C range, killing her combo potential. Use 2B-5B instead.
5A 5B 5C 236B - 4 hits, 837 damage
Notes: Cancel immediately out of 5A, as the second hit will push the enemy too far back.
5A 5B 5C 236AB - 5 hit, 1062 damage
Notes: A simple corner combo. If they're stunned during one of the barrier's hits, you can safely input 9 j.9B/C for additional damage on the way down without breaking it.
j.5B j9.C 2A 2B 2C 641236C - 9 hits, 1671 damage
Notes: A jumpin that leads into metafield. 2B->2C may be unreliable.
If you stun, you can repeat the combo to bump the damage into the 2000-2300 range, but this is hard to due to the 2B-2C execution.
If your partner has decent pressure setups (Ange summons, Beato towers, Virgilia circles/goats) you may wish to switch to them rather than end the combo yourself.
2C 623AB(xN)
Notes: 623AB corner loop. By the 3rd 623AB, proration really sets in, setting the combo in the 34-hit, 1600 damage range.
Despite its tight execution, it's one of Shannon's better, more damaging corner combos, and it builds a great deal of stun.

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