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Vu que le Wiki a été supprimé ou simplement suspendu je récupère les informations que je peux et les postes ici, si on pouvait m'aider à tout récupérer ça serait top !

Ability :

Citation :
Counter Boost
This increases the damage you do with counter hits for a period of time. This can be useful for Ronove since he has counter techniques.

Coups normaux :

Citation :
A short kick to the shin. Hits mid.
Damage: 54

Ronove attacks his opponent with a horizontal chop. Whiffs on crouch. Hits mid.
Damage: 54

A crouching version of c.5A. Hits mid.
Damage: 69

Ronove kicks with a side kick. Hits mid.
Damage: 135

Ronove performs a crouching kick. Hits low.
Damage: 150

Ronove performs a low sweep kick. Hits low.
Damage: 165

Ronove kicks with a reverse roundhouse. Hits mid.
Damage: 240

Ronove attack with a high kick. Hits mid.
Damage: 270

Ronove does a crouching kick. Knocks down. Hits low.
Damage: 210

Ronove punches in midair at a downward angle. Hits high.
Damage: 60

Ronove performs a downward kick in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 150

Ronove thrusts both palms downward in midair. Hits high.
Damage: 252

Ronove attacks by swinging one arm. Hits high.
Damage: 240

Ronove grabs the opponent and throws them into the ground.

Coups spéciaux :

Citation :
Elegant Sway 「エレガントスウェイ」 ― 22ABC
Ronove's unique dodge move. Grants him momentarily invincibility from all attacks, but is punishable when recovering. Damage taken during recovery counts as a Counter Hit against Ronove.
Input determines the amount of time spent in invincible frames.

Elegant Cutter 「エレガントカッター」 ― 421ABC
Guard Reversal - can only be performed while blocking. Ronove performs a rising crescent kick that hits for 264 damage over 2 hits, regardless of input. Guarantees knockdown.

Innocent Rose 「イノセントローズ」 ― 623ABC
Ronove produces a wall of roses that can either deal damage or nullify projectiles. Input determines the startup, amount of hits it can deal or absorb and recovery time.

Elegant Shield 「エレガントシールド」 ― 214ABC
Ronove's parry-counter. A successful parry against a melee attack automatically delivers a Counter Hit for roughly 300 damage and a guaranteed knockdown. Input determines the angle of attack to be intercepted.
A version Intercepts attacks from the air
B version Intercepts all high and mid attacks
C version Intercepts all low attacks

Enchant Shield 「エンチャントシールド」 ― 41236ABC
Ronove summons a barrier in front of him. It will absorb most projectiles and melee attacks or deal a small amount of damage upon touching the enemy. Startup time and number of charges increase with the input used, up to a maximum of 3 charges. Each charge deals 60 damage when used to damage your opponent. The barrier will remain active until it either: spends all charges, dissipates prematurely through attacking/taking damage, or three seconds pass. Piercing projectiles such as Virgilia's Gungnir and some fast-moving long-reach melee attacks such as Battler's Sommelier Finger may bypass Enchant Shield.

Super SP :

Citation :
Elegant Twister 「エレガントツイスター」 ― 421A+B
Guard Reversal - can only be performed while blocking. Ronove spins on the spot, drawing in melee attackers and sending them flying. The spin will also deflect all incoming projectiles, but a projectile striking him before he performs the spin will knock him out of the move.

Rose of Queen 「ローズオブクイーン」 ― 623A+B
A stronger version of Innocent Rose, with the targeted area being much larger. If performed from close up, a 5B followup is possible.

Perfect Shield 「パーフェクトシールド」 ― 214A+B
The ultimate parry. Catches melee attacks from any angle and hits for roughly 800 damage and a guaranteed knockdown.

Enchant Shield Max 「エンチャントシールドマックス」 ― 41236A+B
Summons a barrier that holds up to 6 charges for 5 seconds. All other properties of this move behaves as Enchant Shield would.

Super level 2 :

Citation :
Elegant & Genocide 「エレガント&ジェノサイド」 ― 236236C
Ronove charges and unleashes an auto-combo, ending in a triple Elegant Cutter.

Meta super :

Citation :
Devil of Devils 「デビルオブデビルズ」 ― 641236C
Ronove lets up on the gentlemanly act for a moment, revealing his true demonic nature. As impressive as the move looks, it's more or less impossible to combo into outside of stun.

Combos :

Citation :
5B>2B>5C>2C>623A - 1005 damage
5B>2B>5C>2C>236236C - 1440 damage 15 hits(2 SP Gauge Used)
5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta>641236C - 1876 damage
5B>2B>5C>2C>236236C>Stun>Meta>641236C - 2198 damage 27 hits(3 SP Gauge Used)
214B > 236236C > Stun > Whatever - 12 hits, 1336 damage at the stun. Though corner specific, this combo inflicts ridiculous amounts of stun.
2B > c.5B > c.5C > 2C > A+B+C > 66 > c.5B > c.5C > 632146C - 18 hits, 2134 damage. Only possible in newer updates.
214B > 236236C > Stun > 2B > c.5B > c.5C > 2C > A+B+C > 66 > c.5B > c.5C > 632146C - 30 hits, 2731 damage. Corner specific.

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